Is any body making a windows replacement to msysgit with libgit2,libgit2sharp, Ngit?

Hi I like Git but it seems sharing windows projects with people and friends is not fun because gitextensions tortoisegit are ugly to use out of the box compared to tortoisehg or tortoisesvn (not that it’s DVCS).
Using msysgit just in a bash shell doesn’t make it as nice as linux/Mac either.

So is there any new contenders (alpha projects etc(even with other libs))?

I would love to see these new Git libraries take off!

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    After having released Github for Mac, there are rumors that Github might be working on a client for Windows.

    See those tweets below for reference:

    According to this last one, there are good chances libgit2sharp & libgit2 would be used to help run the client.


    • Github for windows has been released. See this post for further information. Among other open source libraries and software, it indeed relies on libgit2 and LibGit2Sharp.


    • A work in progress, Git GUI, by Kai Sellgren, also relies on those libs


    GitHub for Windows.

    Here’s the launch blog post.

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