Invalid SSH keys on GitKraken

Ok, so I have a git repo somewhere in a server in the other room and I’ve been using SourceTree before but it’s just so annoying with the index.lock issue, and apparently this is the most common problem that most developer is experiencing with SourceTree. Although I found that it’ll fix itself if I wait for few minutes to half a day, but I don’t have the time to wait and I think it defeats the purpose of using git client at all.

But, this is not about SourceTree… So, I found GitKraken and it looks cool and I never have an issue with index.lock. The only problem is I am unable to push and pull to my server in the other room. I have configured my ssh keys and that. I can push/pull to github/bitbucket account but not next room. If ever you have encountered such problems, or if ever you have a tiny bit of idea on how I maybe able to solve my problem, please let me know. I have already made contact with the support team but response is very scarce.

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