Internal error while accessing GIT repository from RSA 9.1 using TFS plug-in

I am able to connect to GIT server from RSA 9.1 using the TFS plugin.However, while accessing the Git repositories, I am getting the following internal error:

An internal error occurred during: “Loading section ‘All
Repositories'”. org/eclipse/egit/core/Activator “

Any idea what am I missing?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Internal error while accessing GIT repository from RSA 9.1 using TFS plug-in”

    You can get a local clone of the remote repository and then import the repository
    enter image description here

    Or you can host your remote repository in TFS, then manually configured in EGit. Once this connection is established, you can use the EGit tools to perform basically any Git function, like committing, pushing, and creating new branches.
    Details refer the ‘Integration with Eclipse EGit tools’ in this blog.

    And you can download egit from here.

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