Intellij SDK Settings checked into a source repository

We have our Intellij (13) project settings checked into a git repository. I want to configure Intellij’s Python interpreter within the project. To do this I need to add the SDK under “Platform Settings” and then select it in “Facets” under “Project Settings”. The latter is checked-in, but the former is a global setting which we haven’t checked in. If I commit the project settings change, other developers will merge that change but then Intellij will overwrite it because the SDK name is not configured in platform settings.

How can I get around this? It seems like the only way is to have a script modify the global settings files, but that’s just nasty.

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    Could you make use of Git Hooks, e.g.: the post-checkout hook which would then set these settings for you? Of course there would be a script to do this, but it would be executed automatically

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