Intellij: Making a project dependent on another project?

I am new to using Intellij and I am facing a problem. I have a project, which is dependent on another project and this second project is integrated using maven repository. So when I work on my project, maven handles everything perfectly and everything is working. But the second project is under development and there are frequent updates which are not in maven repository yet. So what I want to do is to make my first project directly dependent on the second project(it is present in my local system). So that the second project is referred directly from the code and not maven repo. Is it possible in Intellij. I have done this in Eclipse but not able to do it in Intellij. Any help will be usesful.


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    You should be able to configure this in IntelliJ IDEA’s Project properties (cmd + ; on Mac, ctrl + alt + shift + s on Windows/Linux). Select “Modules”, select the dependencies tab on the right, and add the dependent module to the module.

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