Intellij Idea with Git remember author

I’m using Intellij with a Git project, and have setup my and properly. The problem is when committing using the IDE interface the author is not selected by default. I can click and I get a dropdown to select it, but sometimes I forget to do that, and it’s a pain to ammend the commit each time I forget.

Is there a way to set the author automatically on commit, since it’s only one, and it would save me some headaches?

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    IntelliJ IDEA doesn’t pre-select author in the combobox which is a known cosmetic issue, however it should use the author defined in the git configuration by default.

    Please double check that and is specified properly in the global git configuration.

    Some users mentioned a problem when using cygwin git, when IDEA probably cannot find the global git config. In this case it may help if you specify the user for the local project configuration:

    git config --local John
    git config --local
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