IntelliJ IDEA – different team members on mac/PC

At the moment we are using IntelliJ IDEA with two developers who are both using the PC Version of IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 .

One of us is moving to a Mac because iOS Development is an issue.

We have .ipr files setup each locally, for example in d:\ideaproject\projectroot.

The project consists of several modules who have their .iml file on a network drive, for example in:


We both have the same drive letters, so this works flawless.

When we want to setup the Mac exactly the same, but this is not possible because in the .iml files there are references to k:\ and other network drive letters. The Mac does not know drive letters, of course.

How can we setup in a way we all can work in one project? We thought of setting up git, but in the IDEA documentation they are mentioning that the .iml file has to be in the CVS. So the same problem exists. The documentation states:

Since *.iws file stores your personal preferences, it should not be placed under version control. On the contrary, the project and module files (*.ipr and *.iml) store project-wide settings, and should be shared.

Can anyone give us an idea how to setup a team project with team members on different platforms.

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    You can use path variables, see for details.

    Never share code with a network-drive. Share it always with your version-control software.

    Make all paths relative. If it is a java-project use a dependency-management tool like maven. All developers have to create a local project based on the maven dependencies.

    If you work with the same code ensure you use unicode file encoding, otherwise you may have fun with your sources.

    I don’t think you can build iOS apps with IntelliJ, so why do you want to get in trouble?

    Just put all of your project files (*.ipr, *.iml) in version control. Have your version control system ignore *.iws. Done.

    Newer versions of IntelliJ uses directory based project settings in the .idea folder (since like IntelliJ 9 I think). Same thing applies, just put that directory in version control. You can set ignore on workspace.xml.

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