IntelliJ Git Integration – git –version empty output

I am currently trying to use the Git integration for IntelliJ 2016.2, but whenever I point it to the executable I get the following issue:

Git Version output problem

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  • This doesn’t technically prevent the integration from working but it does cause issues updating the index etc.

    I’m running Windows 7, with a completely fresh install, but I had the same issue on the previous PC (these are work machines with various irritating levels of security) but I have colleagues with the same kit that have no such issues.


    I should have mentioned that it works fine on the command line:

    Git Command Line Output

    I’m sure I’ve read something about a change in the way this works internally that means when it’s called by an outside executable the output gets screwed up, but I can’t find the reference again.

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    I had the same issue and tried a number of things. It eventually began working again when I downgraded my git install.

    Make sure you set the right path to Git executable:
    IntelliJ > Settings > Version Control > Git should be C:/…/Git/bin/git.exe

    Do not set git-bash.exe or git-cmd.exe

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