IntelliJ – Clonning existing playframework project from bitbucket

I’m trying to clone an existing play! project from bitbucket, this repo only contains the files which aren’t ignored by the default play’s .gitignore file.
I get the files correctly but the problem is, how should I add the rest of the files and directories any play! application contains? I mean, how should I make it a play! applicacion as when you do a “play new” in the terminal?

I get the next directories form the repository with their files:

  • app/
  • public/
  • conf/
  • test/

I need to make this project a play! one (with its libraries and target/ project/ directories).

I tried to create the play application first, but git doens’t allow me to clone a repository on my project directory because “the directory already exists”.

I’m using intellij IDEA 12 with bitbucket plugin.

Thank you.

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    I am quite sure, you are looking at a Play 1 application. Not a Play2 application as you tagged. However, if I am terribly wrong and your application is indeed a Play2 here is some information on the project structure :

    • target : The target directory contains your compiled application. When you use play run in that directory, the target directory will appear.

    • project : This folder contains the Build.scala file and other configuration files.

    • lib : If the project contains no lib folder, that means all it’s dependencies are managed via the build file.

    As a conclusion, just launch play in the project directory and you will have a running/working application.

    PS : You might want to check out the official documentation on a Play project structure.

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