Integrating Assembla (or similars) with AppHarbor (or similars, like heroku)

I’m working in a project that is being hosted in appharbor (like heroku for .net). It use git push to upload the code (my first time ever working with such environment).

The thing is that now I miss the features of a classic GIT or SVN repository, like seeing the code in a web site, tickets, etc.

My question is: Can I integrate for example assembla with appharbor in a way the let me send the code only once, and have it in both plataforms?

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    You can push all projects with one command.

    git remote set-url --add --push all url = heroku:path/proj.git

    Then for each additional repo you want to push to:

     git remote add all github:path/proj.git
     git remote add all github:path/proj2.git

    Then when you do git push heroku it will update all of your repos and heroku.

    Yes, you can add as many remotes as you like (github, assembla) and push to them specifically using this syntax:

    git push github

    To add a remote on github you would do this:

    git remote add github

    Then you can push to appharbor to deploy, but always pull from github.

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