Installing github version of package with Anaconda

I have Sympy installed with Anaconda, my version (of Sympy) is 0.7.6 .

I want to be able to use the git version of Sympy. Do you know how can I tell to Anaconda to substitute the 2 versions ?

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  • I’ve tried using the git clone command, but the Sympy folder from git and Anaconda doesn’t look the same at all, so I can’t replace one with another.

    git clone git://

    Is there a command like : “conda update-git sympy” ?

    I found that answer, but I didn’t understand how to do it.

    Possible to do "conda build" from github branch?

    UPDATE: I’ve used the following command and it worked

    python develop

    in my sympy directory.

    Thanks to @asmeurer

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    my previous answer was based on long time ago experiance
    this is the correct proccess (that worked for me based on the latest anaconda on a windows machine)

    I have updated the meta.yaml only with the following changes:
    changing to get the source from git
    including mpmath in build run and test
    removing some libraries of sympy that seemed to have been removed from the latest version

    i have all the files in the following gist

    hope it helps

    you can try the following:

    1. download the conda recipes (
    2. update the meta.yaml for getting the source from github as explained in the stack overflow question you linked to.
    3. run conda build.
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