Install package with pip from specific branch of github

I have across a very weird issue.
I try to pip install a package from my github fork. I have done this multiple times in the past and it works always.

This is what I do:

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  • pip install git+https...@my_branch

    While this works perfectly in my local machine, when I try to w Windows Remote machine and to my Ubuntu Vagrant box it doesnt work.

    Instead of installing the package with my_branch, it installs the master branch. Initially I thought it was related with an outdated version of pip but after upgrading to the latest version, I keep facing the same issue.

    Any ideas whats the problem?

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    Maybe some characters like the @ character are not recognized properly in your command in other environments? Try putting quotes, like this: pip install “git+https…@my_branch”

    Suppose you have forked some git repo and made some changes.
    To install this specific branch:

    1. Release a new version from your branch and add a version tag, like
    2. Use
      pip install -e git+
      in the terminal
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