Install package modules for Linter package in Atom

I’m using the Atom text editor, and have installed the the ‘Linter’ package so I can get realtime debugging/error reports when editing.

Atom has an UI for auto-installing packages – one-click installs, so I have no idea how to do it manually.

I’m very new to Git, and coding in general, so the installation instructions in the documentation for this package are not very helpful (for me).

Basically, I’m trying to install/run/get PHP validation going when I’m using Atom text editor. How can I do this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Install package modules for Linter package in Atom”

    The official documentation for installing packages is here:

    (Since March 2015, there is an official repo for the doc)

    You can also install packages from the command line using apm.

    Check that you have apm installed by running the following command in your terminal:

    apm help install

    You should see a message print out with details about the apm install command.

    If you do not, launch Atom and run the Atom > Install Shell Commands menu to install the apm and atom commands.

    You can also install packages by using the apm install command:

    apm install <package_name> to install the latest version.
    apm install <package_name>@<package_version> to install a specific version.

    For example apm install emmet@0.1.5 installs the 0.1.5 release of the Emmet package into ~/.atom/packages.

    You can also use apm to find new packages to install:

    apm search coffee to search for CoffeeScript packages.
    apm view emmet to see more information about a specific package.

    Regarding the manual installation of a package in Atom, this thread mentions

    You can download the package, unzip or decompress, go to that folder and run: apm link that will create a symbolic link from that package to your ~/.atom/packages folder

    The repo can be found via the “Learn More”-button in the package manager.

    In your case:

    You find a similar process in this thread:

    1. Make sure I do not have module installed already.
    2. git clone to ~/Projects/
    3. apm link --dev while being inside of ~/Projects/linter-phpcs.
      It successfully created symlink in ~/.atom/dev/packages/linter-phpcs
    4. Open atom using “atom –dev” command while being in ~/.atom/dev/packages/linter-phpcs
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