Install git or update git without apt-get or yum

I have some linux boxes that do not allow me to use yum to install packages. Instead I need to download the zip or tar and then use a package manager to install the items on my linux boxes.

When you go to the git-scm page, the only way they provide to install git is to use yum, apt-get, etc from the command line.

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    Where can I find the package to install?
    Has anyone else had this same issue?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Install git or update git without apt-get or yum”

    I had the same issue before. I tried to install git from source and it works.

    Intalling these packages first:


    Getting the GIT scm source code:


    Compiling the GIT scm from source

    tar xzvf git-latest.tar.gz
    cd git-{date} // edit it
    ./configure --with-curl=/usr/local
    make install
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