Install Git Client on OS X without admin rights

I need to run a git client on an OS X 10.6.6 machine to which I don’t have admin rights.

Now unfortunately, the installer from has no option for a local install, so it just doesn’t work without having an admin account.

What is the fastest / easiest way to install git, e.g. in ~/bin ?

Note: While I can download zip archives from GitHub (from which my projects come), I need to be able to quickly pull new commits, so this is not an option.

Fink has no binary for OS X 10.6, and the MacPorts installer doesn’t work either without admin rights.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Install Git Client on OS X without admin rights”

    Download Git source code and compile.

    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/local
    make install

    Edit .bashrc or whatever to change PATH.


    I’d use homebrew to install git as a local user. That’s a whole lot easier to update and gives you the chance to use the whole infrastructure to install even more goodies.

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