install AWSDevTools in the git repo for elastic beanstalk on windows

I am trying to setup the AWSDevTools for git on windows using git bash and I receive an error when running the oneTimeSetup.bat file. The error says “was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory.” Any ideas on what I am missing or any tutorials specific to windows? This is my first git deployment so I am new to git and git on AWS. I have attached a screen of my git bash command and error. Any help is appreciated.

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  • These are the steps that amazon provides

    When I run step 3 and 5 the cmd prompt opens but nothing happens. The screenshot is while running from gitbash.

    3.Double-click AWSDevTools-OneTimeSetup.bat. You can find AWSDevTools-OneTimeSetup.bat in the AWS DevTools/Windows directory. The setup script installs all of the necessary pieces for pushing AWS Elastic Beanstalk applications. You need to run this setup script only once.

    5.Copy the AWSDevTools-RepositorySetup.bat from the AWS DevTools/Windows directory to your Git repository directory, and then double-click AWSDevTools-RepositorySetup.bat. You need to run this script for each Git repository.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “install AWSDevTools in the git repo for elastic beanstalk on windows”

    You need to run the AWSDevTools-OneTimeSetup.bat from the directory it is located in. In your case, c/AWS_git/elasticBeanstalk-cli/AWSDevTools/Windows

    I had a problem running AWSDevTools-OneTimeSetup.bat from the location I initially unzipped it to (C:\www\AWS-ElasticBeanstalk-CLI-2.3.1\AWSDevTools\Windows).

    It seemed to run, but failed to set up the various aws aliases (e.g. push).

    I moved it to C:\tmp\Windows\AWSDevTools-OneTimeSetup.bat and ran it from there, and the it worked fine.

    Hope this is of use to someone.

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