include multiple folders using svndumpfilter

Hi I’ve created a repository named as allProj at server.
allProj structure is as follows:


  • Projects
    • projectA
    • projectB
    • projectC
    • projectD
    • projectE

Now I want to create another repository reqProj which includes specific projects from ‘allProj’
expected ‘reqProj’ structure is:


  • projectB
  • projectD
  • projectE

P.S: I want to create ‘allProj’ with all access controls and history.

I’ve searched a lot on this topic however I’m unable to find any solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “include multiple folders using svndumpfilter”

    Read about SVN externals, if you want to have single point of history for shared objects or svnadmin dump + svndumpfilter + svnadmin load in case of physical replication of subtree

    As result of fastest search I found:

    • svndumpfilter include in SVN Book
    • Some Gotchas with using svndumpfilter blog record

    and, if you’ll have hard times with errors “Missing node” in ordinary svndumpfilter command

    svndumpfilter include Projects/projectB Projects/projectD Projects/projectE > filtereddump.dmp

    you have to have, understand and use “Ultima ratio regum”: Svndumpsanitizer

    Please bear in mind that I haven’t used Subversion since Jun 2010 (back when I wrote that answer) but from memory, something like the following will get you a cloned copy of allProj called reqProj.

    The following steps have to be executed on the server hosting the Subversion repository.

    It assumes that on the machine that hosts your Subversion repositories, the repositories exist on X:\Repositories and the URL to the Subversion server is http://localhost:8080 and the one is in the working folder.

    Step 1

    • svnadmin create X:\Repositories\reqProj
    • svnadmin dump X:\Repositories\allProj > allProj.dmp
    • svnadmin load X:\Repositories\reqProj < allproj.dmp
    • svn checkout http://localhost:8080/svn/reqProj reqProj

    I would use the Repository Browser available through TortoiseSVN to perform the following steps.

    Step 2

    Next, delete the project folders you don’t need, such as projectA and projectC. Finally, you can move projectB, projectD, and projectE to the top level and get rid of the Projects folder as well.

    You will end up with some extraneous history (describing the deletions and folder moves), but that’s okay, I guess? 🙂

    I hope this helps you out.

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