In GIT, obtain commits using git log with path

I would like to obtain the last 10 commits using git log specifying the path of my repository. I used the option -path but I have “is outside repository” error

 git log --no-merges -10 -p /home/my_folder/git/repo

 fatal: /home/my_folder/git/repo: '/home/my_folder/git/repo' is outside repository

The comand is running for example in the folder /home

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    Git assumes that the current working directory is inside the repository you want to operate on. When running a git command from outside the repository directory hierarchy, you can use the global -C option to git to specify which repository to use:

    git -C /home/my_folder/git/repo log --no-merges -10 -p

    Usually it’s probably easier to simply cd to your repository before running git commands.

    It’s worth noting that the -C flag for git log only appeared starting from git 1.8.5 and up

    For older versions of git here are your options:

    1.Manually move to the directory:

    cd /home/my_folder/git/repo && git log --no-merges -10 && cd - 

    2.Specify the --git-dir parameter:

    git --git-dir /home/my_folder/git/repo/.git log --no-merges -10
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