Importing Alamofire 3.4 – No such module 'Alamofire'

I hava a project that need Alamofire imported and every aproach i took got me to same porblem
import Alamofire – No such module ‘Alamofire’

  • Installed cocoapods
  • Edited Podfile:

source ‘’

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  • platform :ios, '9.0'
    target 'my project name' do
        pod 'Alamofire', '~> 3.4'

    $ pod install

    everything was smooth and had no errors in the proces from installing cocoapods to the end.

    Opened project with projectname.xcworkspace

    Even tried the manually and still the same problem – No such module ‘Alamofire’

    Thank you for the help in advance.

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    Do import Alamofire and then do Build. I think it’s helpful.

    After adding a framework through CocoaPods, in most conditions you are supposed to clean and build the project right away.

    That should take care of adding/building the new framework to your app and make it active for use

    Also, please note that another copy of your project will be created upon addition with pods, called something like ‘yourProjectName.xcworkspace‘ (You can find it in your directory). It will have a light blue color thumbnail. After adding your pods, you must start using that copy of your project instead of the normal project.

    // Note : Generally with CocoaPods, when you add a pod to your Podfile, you just need to save the Podfile and type ‘podinstall’ in your terminal. Make sure to get to your project directory before that. That will import the frameworks automatically. However, you do need to write import statement in your file to use it obviously

    You do not need to import Alamofire framework explicitly (if using Cocoa Pods) – Umair (in comments)

    I had a similar issue and solved it following the below listed steps:

    1. Realized that <projectName>.xcworkspace is what you need to be using after adding a pod to your project
    2. Deleted the pods folder and Podfile.lock and did a pod install
    3. Set Architectures to Standard architectures (armv7, armv7s, arm64)
    4. Set Build Active Architectures Only to Yes

    I Faced the Same Issue During the Implementation

    Step 1 :

    Import Alamofire

    Step 2 :

    Keep on Pressing Build ( Cmd + B )

    Step 3:

    If Issue Continues then just close your program for a moment by
    completely closing it(cmd + Q) and then Restart it and Follow Step
    1 & 2

    This will work


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