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I have an existing SVN repository at Out of curiosity, I created a repository at as well, and added some files to it. Can I now take the Sousa folder and import that into the GitHub directory, maintaining the change history, or is that more trouble than it’s worth? (I have a decent understanding of svn, but git is brand new to me.)

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    I believe that would be possible. There may be a way to do it all from one local repo, but I’m pretty confident that this would work. Assuming you’re starting from scratch with no local repos:

    • git svn clone your SVN repo to a local git repo (hereafter known as svn-repo)
    • git clone your github repo to a local repo (known as github-repo)
    • In github-repo, git remote add svn-repo <url> using a local file URL
    • git fetch svn-repo
    • git merge svn-repo/master to merge the master branch of svn-repo into github-repo
    • Then just push to github

    There are many tutorials online about importing subversion into git. As far as it being a hassle, it’s only (3-4 commands). It’s worth doing, unless you don’t want to keep your svn repo’s history.

    Here’s githubs guide to pulling it off

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