Import encrypted csv into Python 3

So I am planning to do some data analysis using a Jupyter notbook (Python 3), for collaborative reasons I want to store the data on a github repo, however the data set is sensitive.

As such I would like to store the data (currently .csv) as an encrypted file on the repo and then decrypt it at runtime (with a password prompt I guess).

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    In the end, I used python 3.6 and SimpleCrypt to encrypt the file and then uploaded it.

    I think this is the code I used to encrypt the file:

    f = open('file.csv','r').read()
    ciphertext = encrypt('USERPASSWORD',f.encode('utf8'))#this .encode('utf8') is the bit im unsure about
    e = open('file.enc','wb') # file.enc doesn't need to exist, python will create it

    This is the code I use to decrypt at runtime, I run getpass("password: ") as an argument so I don’t have to store a password variable in memory

    from io import StringIO
    import pandas as pd
    from simplecrypt import encrypt, decrypt
    from getpass import getpass
    # opens the file
    f = open('file.enc','rb').read()
    print('Please enter the password and press the enter key \n Decryption may take some time')
    # Decrypts the data, requires a user-input password
    CSVplaintext = decrypt(getpass("password: "), f).decode('utf8')
    print('Data have been Decrypted')
    #create a temp csv-like file to pass to pandas.read_csv()
    # Makes a panda dataframe with the data
    df = pd.read_csv(DATA)

    Note, the UTF-8 encoding behaviour is different in python 2.7 so the code will be slightly different.

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