Ignoring the git folder over FTP

I know that it is possible to PUSH an FTP rep using something like :

git push ftp://host.net/path/to/repo.git/

My question however , is if it is possible to transfer the actual working files over ftp ( even “normal” GUI based ftp that a secretary could understand ) while telling it to IGNORE all the .git dir as a whole ?

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  • The point is that while working on git, sometimes we need to deploy only the working files to the server , and the .git directory takes more time to upload than the files themselves .

    I am not sure if I am looking for an FTP command (ignore X folder or file) or something in .git

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ignoring the git folder over FTP”

    If I understood you correctly, you’re looking for a way to export the contents of your git repo and deploy it over FTP to a remote directory such that it takes the least amount of time to transfer the files.

    Git does not provide support for exporting and deploying to a FTP server directly, but there are few good scripts that can help you achieve what you’re looking for by uploading only the files which have changed:

    • git-ftp by Edward Z. Yang:

      Some web hosts only give you FTP access to the hosting space, but you
      would still like to use Git to version the contents of your directory.
      You could upload a full tarball of your website every time you update
      but that’s wasteful. git-ftp.py only uploads the files that changed.

    • git-ftp by René Moser

      I use git-ftp for my script based projects, mostly PHP. Most of the
      low-cost web hosting companies do not provide SSH or git support, but
      only FTP.

      That is why I needed an easy way to deploy my git tracked projects.
      Instead of transfering the whole project, I thought, why not only
      transfer the files that changed since the last time, git can tell me
      those files.

      Even if you are playing with different branches, git-ftp knows which
      files are different. No ordinary FTP client can do that.

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