IDE integration with GIT

We’re considering migrating from CVS to GIT. Our whole development process is centered around IntelliJ, and the plugin we’ve found (GIT4idea) is severely lacking. Essential features, like global history logs or diff changes are completely missing.

Are there any other alternatives in IntelliJ land? And, if not, which current Java IDE do you consider to have the best GIT integration?

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    Next option is use GIT without IDE integration.

    • Git-Gui or Tortoise GIT
    • From command line

    Update January 2012

    Off course, with latest Eclipse (3.6, 3.7+), as Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen points out in the comments, EGit is now the official Git plugin for Eclipse and offers a quite complete set of Git feature right within Eclipse.

    Egit repos

    The EGit project is implementing Eclipse tooling on top of the JGit Java implementation of Git (much stable now).

    Original answer July 2009:

    We are using JGit with Eclipse, but are finding the plugin not quite stable enough.

    JGit back in the days in 2009

    So basically, we have still a gitk running alongside our IDE… or we do have some scripts to encapsulate any operations not available through the IDE Git plugin.

    I’ve found both the plugins for Netbeans and Eclipse lacking, some issues (sometimes nasty ones). Not stable enough for my taste, although Eclipse one is better.

    I would recommend to just use command line. I know it’s not the same, but should not be a big deal

    Now git4idea(for IDEA), nbgit(for Netbeans), egit(for Eclipse) are all mature plugins which provide excellent Git integration through jgit. It is just a choice of which IDE you prefer to use.

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