How to view the full commit diff in tig when viewing the diff for a single file?

In the Tig text-mode interface for git, one can view a blame for an individual file and then open a diff view to see that commit that modified that line. e.g.

tig blame file.cpp
(Select a line, press enter.)

However, the diff displayed is limited to the individual file, even if the commit modified multiple files. This is a good default, but is there a way to expand this view to full commit with diff across all files?

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  • The current work around is to copy paste the commit hash, exit, and then use either git or tig to show it.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to view the full commit diff in tig when viewing the diff for a single file?”

    Use the toggle-files action. By default it is bound to ‘%’.

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