How to view remote changes with TortoiseGit

I cannot figure out how to view remote changes with TortoiseGit.

Someone pushed some code to the server. I would like to see the changes before i do a git pull. How can i see the remote changes with TortoiseGit?

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  • I tried the “fetch” command, but when I do a “Show log” after fetching, it does not show the remote changes.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to view remote changes with TortoiseGit”

    “Fetch” was the correct command to retrieve all remote changes without integrating/merging them.

    Click on “All branches” on the lower left on the log dialog to show all branches (also the remote ones). Or click on the branch label in the upper left and then select the branch(es) you want to see in the log dialog.

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