How to use git mv from magit?

Is there a nice way to call git mv on a file from within magit? I know it’s possible to run any git command with :, but this won’t autocomplete filenames.

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    I’m not sure offhand if there’s a direct way, but…

    Given that a mv is the same thing as a rm plus an add, you can just rename the file normally (e.g. in dired), and then stage both of the consequent changes — a deleted file and a new file.

    Git should figure it out.


    M-x vc-rename-file ?

    I use dired for this. C-x d when the file is open, then press ! on the file to run git mv ? newpath command with the file as the ? argument.

    For reference at least in current verion of magit there is magit-file-rename which can be invoked by R.

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