How to update git submodule who's history was rewritten

Say I have a git submodule already setup, and the upstream commit history has rewritten (for example a rebase squash was preformed).

Say the commit my submodule head is set to no longer exits. So I want to set the head hash submodule’s repo’s head. How do I do that?

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    You can simply go in the submodule, do a git fetch, and checkout the HEAD you need.

    cd mysubmodule
    git fetch
    git checkout origin/abranch

    Then you go back to the parent repo, add and commit that new submodule SHA1 entry.

    Note that you also can convert a submodule in order to follow the latest commits of a branch.
    In that case, a simple:

    git submodule update --remote

    would be enough.

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