How to unsquash a commit?

I have squashed 40 commmits at some point in time, and would like to pick back one commit. Is there some way to do this? I have the commit ref (93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2) that I would like to unsquash.

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    You can add the patch representing that commit onto the top of the branch you are on by doing

    git cherry-pick 93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2

    You could use git reflog to browse all the commits that existed! Or since you have the commit hash you could just do a git checkout 93ebc467ff512580ae3c5a76790f09dfd5e3e6f2 and see the commit itself..

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