How to uninstall a git repo using pip?

I’m using pip in a virtualenv and have installed a package from a git repo by doing this:

pip install -e git://

But I now want to uninstall that and can’t see how, as it doesn’t have a conventional package name. I’ve tried what seem like obvious variations (like replacing ‘install’ with ‘uninstall’) but can’t see how to do this from the docs.

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  • (In this case I ultimately want to upgrade from the git repo version of django-bcrypt to version 0.9.2, and am assuming I need to uninstall the git version first.)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to uninstall a git repo using pip?”

    You uninstall it like you would any other library:

    pip uninstall django-bcrypt

    If you want to ultimately upgrade, you could also do

    pip install --upgrade -e git://

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