How to turn off fast-forwarding in Git?

We are trying to use git in our project development.

We work from our private repositories, through pull-requests to main repository under another account.

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  • To deploy to our hosting we use

    We tested it, all works fine on first manual deploy, but it doesn’t work automaticly, when we merge pull-request to our master branch.

    I asked support for this problem, there is an answer:

    Currently, if you’re using Bitbucket and utilising merges you need to
    turn off fast-forwarding on your local Git install.

    Because i’m novice, i can’t understand what should i do and how my local git install connected with our main repository on another account?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to turn off fast-forwarding in Git?”

    If you want to turn it off for a given branch:

    git config branch.master.mergeoptions  "--no-ff"

    For any branch:

    git config merge.ff false

    (from git config man page)

    Those commands are to be executed within the repo where you want the merge to not be fast-forwarded (see “Why does git fast-forward merges by default?”).

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