How to trigger a Jenkins build when a push is made to a private github repository

My Jenkins Continuous Integration Server is on running on a Ubuntu host, configured as follows:

  • Jenkins v 1.463
  • github-api 1.23
  • Jenkins GIT plugin 1.1.18
  • GitHub plugin 1.2

Polling SCM works. This is important to say because I want you to know my other jenkins related configuration is working well except this post build trigger nonsense.

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  • I want to configure Jenkins so that when changes are pushed to a development branch in a private github repository this will then trigger a build that incorporates the most recent changes.

    The repo is under my personal github account as owner. Let’s call this owner

    I am including another account as collaborator. Let’s call this collaborator

    The reason I am doing this is because in case I am no longer involved in the project, somebody else can carry on with the maintenance.

    The SSH keys for the jenkins user in ubuntu are stored under collaborator

    I have consulted the following links:

    None of it is not working. Some look a bit dated or even contradictory.

    I have added to knownhosts for jenkins ubuntu user.
    I have added the github webhook.

    I have tried manual and auto github webhook setup in jenkins.

    Nothing works.

    I need a step by step guide on how to achieve this without polling github.

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    I had a similar problem, and after looking at the main Jenkins System Log I saw the following:

    Feb 15, 2013 8:35:44 PM doFilter
    WARNING: No valid crumb was included in request for /github-webhook/.  Returning 403.

    The solution is to switch off the CSRF protection – Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits. The checkbox is just at the bottom of the first configuration section. After that it all seemed to work happily.

    Create a logger with trace level logging for the com.cloudbees.jenkins category under your /log url (Manage Jenkins-> System logs).

    Verify that there is a Webhook URL entry under the Service Hooks section of your repository administration screen.

    Click test hook and you should see some log activity under your newly created logger.

    Finally, check the GitHub Polling log action on the build which you have configured to be triggered by GitHub pushes.

    A common mistake is testing commit hooks like this without having a change present.

    The hook is only used to prompt a poll and won’t perform a build unless changes are detected.

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