How to suppress “Changes not staged for commit”?

How do I suppress the “Changes not staged for commit” output when committing? Note that:

  • I know I can do > /dev/null, but I’m hoping not to suppress other things.
  • I’m not talking about the commit message — I’m talking about what its printed to the terminal.

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    After a bit of digging in the git.git codebase, I am afraid you should be designing a way to ignore those lines in your script.

    During a commit, if you don’t use --allow-empty, git will go through that code:

    if (!commitable && whence != FROM_MERGE && !allow_empty &&
        !(amend && is_a_merge(current_head))) {
        s->display_comment_prefix = old_display_comment_prefix;
        run_status(stdout, index_file, prefix, 0, s);
        return 0;

    And run_status does the following thing:

    switch (status_format) {
            die("BUG: finalize_deferred_config() should have been called");
        case STATUS_FORMAT_NONE:
        case STATUS_FORMAT_LONG:

    STATUS_FORMAT_PORCELAIN (use --porcelain) and STATUS_FORMAT_SHORT (git config status.short true) will result in the same minified output:

     M bla.txt

    and STATUS_FORMAT_LONG (AND STATUS_FORMAT_NONE, not sure why ?), will result in the usual output:

    Changes not staged for commit:
        modified:   bla.txt

    That said, let’s not despair, this is software we’re talking about, there is always a way around the problem (I still need to completely test this though 😉 )

    You could use --allow-empty to get pass that code branch and create an empty commit. Then, you chain that with a post-commit hook that checks whether the latest commit is empty, if it is, the hook runs git reset --hard HEAD~1 and you could be good to go ?

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