How to stop git via ssh on windows from resolving the wrong path?

I have a windows 2003 box with an ssh server setup. I have msysgit (git version 1.6.2) installed both locally and on the server.

The server has the following absolute path to my repos:

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  • e:\vc\git\myrepo.git

    when a user logs in he/she will be put in the following working directory:


    When running the following cmd on my dev machine:

    git clone ssh://myuser@myip/myrepo.git testrepo

    I get the following error:

    fatal: ''/myrepo.git'' does not appear to be a git repository

    According to my ssh logs it appears that git is executing this cmd on the server:

    'cmd.exe /c git-upload-pack '/myrepo.git''

    Executing that command locally (on the server) fails for the same reason. I’m thinking the problem is related to git prefixing the path with a ‘/’. How do I tell git not to do this? Should this be working?

    Note: git-upload-pack is working because I added \gitinstallpath\libexec\git-core to the path. Apparently this is a bug and will be fixed in the future, this was my work around.

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    I resolved this by switching my ssh server from winssh to openssh (via the cygwin layer). I was able to connect fine (as noted above) using winsshd, but winsshd wasn’t correctly handling paths prefixed with “/”. I could probably get winsshd to work, but switching to cygwin and openssh was faster.

    Here’s a good blog post to kick start the setup if your in a similar situation:

    Have you tried the following?

    git clone ssh://myuser@myip/myrepo testrepo

    Note the removal of “.git” from the end of the SSH path. You only need that suffix at the end if the remote directory name has it.

    Also, have you tried any other SSH URL format? To use a relative path, you can try:

    git clone ssh://myuser@myip/~/myrepo testrepo

    See the git clone man page for details on other URL formats.

    If somebody still interested in workaround:

    The problem is – cmd.exe doesn’t understand single-quoted parameters. So we use sh instead.

    Create file with line

        git-upload-pack.exe $*  

    and with

        git-receive-pack.exe $*  

    on server!

    Then run:

        git clone -u 'sh' ssh://myuser@myip/e/vc/git/myrepo.git testrepo  
        git config remote.origin.uploadpack 'sh'  
        git config remote.origin.receivepack 'sh'  
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