How to specify a git commit message template for a repository in a file at a relative path to the repository?

Is there a way to specify a git commit.template that is relative to a repository?

For configuration an example is

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  • $ git config commit.template $HOME/.gitmessage.txt

    But I would like to specify a template file relative to the .git folder of the repository.

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    This blog tipped me off that if the path to the template file is not absolute, then the path is considered to be relative to the repository root.

    git config commit.template /absolute/path/to/file
    git config commit.template relative-path-from-repository-root

    I used the prepare-commit-msg hook to solve this.

    First create a file .git/commit-msg with the template of the commit message like

    $ cat .git/commit-msg
    My Commit Template

    Next create a file .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg with the contents

    firstLine=$(head -n1 $1)
    if [ -z "$firstLine"  ] ;then
        commitTemplate=$(cat `git rev-parse --git-dir`/commit-msg)
        echo -e "$commitTemplate\n $(cat $1)" > $1

    Mark the newly-created file as executable:

    chmod +x .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg

    This sets the commit message to the contents of the template.

    You can always specify a template at commit-time with -t <file> or --template=<file>.


    Another option might be to use a prepare-commit-msg hook:

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