How to solve TortoiseGitPlink Fatal Error?

I was using Git with beanstalk in windows 7. Now I got new system with Windows 8.1. Now I configured Git and Tortoisegit with new system.Its working fine in local commit but when I pushed to live I got error:

Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (Sever sent: public key)

I added SSH key and all? Is there any problem in Windows 8.1?

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    I opened TortoiseGit->Settings -> Network and in SSH Client I changed “ssh.exe” instead of “TortoiseGitPlink.exe”.
    Now it works fine.

    This error indicates that the server requires public key authentication and no key was provided by the client.

    TortoiseGit by default uses TortoiseGitPLink (which is based on Putty Link).

    Therefore it requires key to be stored in the putty format and also

    • configured in the putty session OR
    • loaded in putty agent (this is done by TortoiseGit if loading ssh keys is enabled).

    You can, however, also use OpenSSH, by setting the SSH client to ssh.exe on TortoiseGit -> Settings -> Network.

    Or run Putty authentication agent (Pageant.exe) from TortoiseGit folder (usually C:\Program Files\TortoiseGit\bin) and add PuttyKey manually to the app.

    On windows 8.1 and TortoiseGit, changing SSH Client to just “ssh.exe” solved this issue.

    I received this error because my key agent (KeePass KeyAgent plugin) didn’t have the correct key loaded anymore. Added the correct key and everything was fine.

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