How to set up auto-deploy to AppEngine when pushing to Git Repository

I’ve heard that other platforms support auto-deployment of their code to production when they push changes to their Git repository.

Can I set up something similar to this for AppEngine? How?

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    Since app engine deploy is just a python script, why can’t you just write a shell script that calls ‘git push’ followed by ‘python deploy’?

    Any bitbucket hooks that will send from bitbucket->appengine after you upload to app is probably a bad idea since it will require storing your app engine login credentials on github.

    Other projects might have your app server pull from github/bitbucket. You can do this if your app engine site just serves static websites using, but you can’t update actual running code this way.

    Recently, App Engine added Push to Deploy features:

    It only has built in support for GitHub, but it might still be possible to configure BitBucket to work with it.

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