How to set up a Git repository for an Xcode project?

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How to quickly set up Git for teams using Xcode?

I have an Xcode project folder on my Mac HD. Snow Leopard. The GitX GUI expects that I already have an Git repository. So I guess since I have GitX installed, I also have Git, and now I need to be cool and intelligent and know what to hack into the Terminal. But what? Is there any tutorial that explains this in minutes, not hours or even days?

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    just git init in that folder

    this is a 20 minute git link

    and this is a every day most needed commands

    and this is the community book for further reading

    this SO post will help you also

    See this:

    Basically, go into the root of your project and type:

    $ git init
    $ git add .
    $ git commit

    (And note the . ad the end of the git add . command.)

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