How to set different and for each Git branch?

Suppose I am using a shared computer account and working on a repository with multiple branches, each branch developed by a different user on that same computer account. It would be helpful to not have to switch the and every time a different user uses the computer to make commits to the repository.

How do I set a different and for each branch?

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    The usual approach is to:

    • not rely on a local configuration to the repo
    • rely only on the global configuration (the one in $HOME/.gitconfig)

    That way, each user naturally has his/her own whenever he/she does any commit in a shared repo.

    If you really need to only update a branch per user, you could add a pre-commit hook making sure the right branch is about to be committed.

    If you are using the same computer account:

    a/ don’t 😉 It is not a best practice to share account
    b/ setup an alias (one per user) which would setup that config

    One approach that might work is:

    • use git worktree to get one folder per branch (instead of cloning your all repo multiple times)
    • change your prompt in order to set the right (environment variable GIT_AUTHOR_NAME) and (GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL): see “Set environmental variables in a particular directory”

    Make a clone for each of you. Run git config --local xxx and git config --local xxx@yyy.zz in each clone. --local can be omitted since it’s the default.

    But why not create an account for each of you in the same computer?

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