How to revert/recover .m file to a previous version? (autosaved blank by mistake and xcode crashed – no Source Control, no Time Machine)

I’ve tried to search for the answer but I cannot precisely define the terms without falling under wrong threads all the time.

What happened:
Accidentally I’ve selected all the code inside a file.m and deleted it all.
It became a full blank document. When I pressed Ctrl+Z to UNDO it, the xcode crashed.

The problem:
When I reopened the xcode (after the crash) , the file was still all blank (It was autosaved seconds before the crash as a blank document) – losing all my code. I could not use UNDO to rescue me on this because it autosaved and crash.

What do I need:
Is there a way to recover/revert my file to a previous state before this autosaving/crash?

Extra information:
Source Control: I can’t use it because the last “commit” was June 27.

Time Machine: Don’t have external HD to use it. It is disabled.

Updated 1: I’ve pressed the button “discard last change” and the file.m reverted to the file saved June 27.
So, one more problem: Lose all the months of work up until now.

Update 2: I’ve found the solution, and posted below. But I need to wait until tomorrow to accept it as answer.

Update 3: I’ve reedited the text to clarify my problem.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to revert/recover .m file to a previous version? (autosaved blank by mistake and xcode crashed – no Source Control, no Time Machine)”

    Oh! I fix it.
    I’ve opened the file.m with TextEdit.
    Then I browse to:
    File > Revert To> Browse All Versions

    It led me to a place with all saved versions of the file, where I could search with a timeline the exact moment I need.

    enter image description here

    I’ve find the version previous to the blank/crash moment, and copied the text, paste it at file.m on xcode( also saved, commit it to source control for safety) and everything is ok now. I could recover all my code again.

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