How to revert project back to a previous commit in android studio

I am working on a project in android studio and would like to revert to a previous push. I attempted
VCS => Git => Reset Head (Hard)
but my project in Android Studio is unchanged, likely because I’m doing something wrong. I would like to revert the project in Android Studio to a specific earlier commit that I’ve pushed and I see on github. I do not care about any changes that I have made since the earlier push.
Additionally, I would like this to be done through the GUI within Android Studio if possible.

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    Android Studio Instructions: if you want to do this in Android Studio, press alt + 9 to open the Version Control panel. Switch to the Log tab and right click on a previous commit. Select Checkout Revision.

    Command line instructions: Open the command line tool you are using.
    Go to the Android app’s Git directory (using cd).
    Execute git log and find the previous commit you want to revert to.

    commit 7c247be6d8975dc88f6cc2631c154786a1f3b79e
    Author: John Doe <>
    Date:   Fri Jun 11 22:37:35 2015 -0400
        Some helpful commit message should be here.

    If that is the commit you want to revert to, then execute git checkout 7c247b.

    The icon surrounded by red rectangle in image will do the trick

    Right click on folder where you Github folder, press Git Bash Here and type git reset --hard

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