How to revert multiple revisions with git-svn

I need to revert multiple revisions (e.g. 28693, 28756, 28747) which are already in svn repo.

With svn I can achieve this with one command:

svn merge -c -28693,-28756,-28747 https://repository/trunk

How to make the same with git-svn?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to revert multiple revisions with git-svn”

    git revert <commit1> <commit2> ... should do the trick.

    Edit following the discussion:
    If you don’t know the hashes (you can find the SVN revisions in the git log by looking at the git-svn-id field, it’s the number after the @), the following one-liner works for me:

    git revert $(echo r<REV1> r<REV2> r<REV3> | xargs -n1 git svn find-rev)
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