How to resolve Git error: “Couldn't create temporary repository”

I am extremely new to the concept of Git. I installed the Git plugin for Eclipse and I’m now trying to clone a one year old Eclipse project.

First, I was getting an error saying:

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    Reason-Exception caught during execution of ls-remote command.

    I solved that by doing some ssh-related property changes.

    Now I am getting an error saying,

    Couldn't create temporary repository.

    How can I resolve this problem?

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    Assuming that you are on windows: Try to delete file C:/Documents and Settings/[username]/.gitconfig.

    There seems to be some suggestion in the Eclipse forums that the version of EGit you are using might be outdated. Try updating to a more recent version of EGit.

    The address for the latest EGit build is:

    You can find directions for installing adding the software site here.

    If you are running in Windows, run the eclipse as administrator. (Tried and worked)
    If you are in Linux or Mac, open the eclipse with sudo.

    Note that gitconfig can come from different places in this order

    If anyone faced the same issue, what fixed it for me is to have a .gitconfig in the home directory with the name and email entries like so:

        sslVerify = false
        name = name-in-git
        email =

    PS: sslVerify is false due to self-signed certs in my case

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