How to rename an SVN branch and update references in an existing sandbox?

I needed to rename a SVN branch, so I did:

$ svn move https://server/repos/myrepo/branches/oldbranch \

So far, so good — the branch has been renamed.

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  • The trouble is, we have existing sandboxes checked out from this branch and when I try to update I get this error:

    $ svn update
    svn: Target path '/branches/oldbranch' does not exist

    A fairly self-explanatory error. After a quick search I thought I had found the solution: Relocating SVN working copy following branch rename

    The trouble is, that when I try to issue that command I get another error:

    $ svn switch --relocate https://server/repos/myrepo/branches/oldbranch \
    svn: Relocate can only change the repository part of an URL

    As far as I can see, I am using the --relocate command the same way as Sander Rijken. Any ideas why I get this error?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to rename an SVN branch and update references in an existing sandbox?”

    Just do

    svn switch https://server/repos/myrepo/branches/newbranch

    from within your working copy.

    For changing relative path you must to use pure svn switch (and anyway switch --relocate is deprecated), as written in svn help switch for 1-st form

    switch URL[@PEGREV] [PATH]
    Update the working copy to mirror a new URL within the repository.

     This behavior is similar to 'svn update', and is the way to
     move a working copy to a branch or tag within the same repository.

    I.e in the root of WC for oldbranch, which is now newbranch, you have to use

    svn switch ^/branches/newbranch

    If you had simply wanted to rename a SVN branch in Eclipse, the easiest would have been to go into the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective, and then right click on your branch -> Refactor-> Rename

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