how to read .webarchive file in android

I have a requirement like this. I want to read .webarchive File. I have one file with .webarchive extension and i have put that file in asset folder. I want to read that file on android webview. Is it possible?

I googled and found some useful link. This git content is really helpful.In this what it does is, put extracted content of .webarchive file in asset folder and from there data is shown on webview. My query is that i don’t want to put extracted content in asset. I have file in .webarchive extension and want it to be opened directly in webview.

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  • i guees zipInputStream is just for file name with zip format extension,and another thing is that i read some where that only that zip files will be extracted with ZipInputStram which have been zipped with WinRar Software,Well in my case what i tried is I have tried to unizip webarchive file with follwing method and here is a log what i am getting,

    now from this log you can see command is not even entering inside the while loop at line number 6 which is proved by this:

     log 11-29 13:01:46.903: V/Decompress(19936): 1

    And if i am using any zip file inplace of test.warc at line number 4 than command is entering in while loop,that means this ZipInputStream is completely ignoring .WARC file,isn’t it?

    So if any one have idea how to extract .webarchive file or read .webarchive file without extracting it than please help me.

    If any one having idea then please help me


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  • One Solution collect form web for “how to read .webarchive file in android”

    WebKit Bugzilla

    Bug 42716 – Implement WebArchive for Android

    That was RESOLVED WONTFIX in 2012.

    Still, what’s there could be a good starting point, or point of continuation towards an acceptable answer to this question.

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