How to read output from git pull –stat with colors into variable

How can I read stdout from git pull with colors into a bash variable?

Escaped sequences from ls --color=always are easily read into $output:

$ output=$(ls --color=always)
$ echo -e "$output"

But not from git pull --stat:

$ git config color.ui always
$ output=$(git pull --stat <repository> <refspec>)
$ echo -e "$output"

In other words, how can I trick git pull into thinking that it is not going to output into a variable? This does not work: $ env TERM=xterm-color git pull --stat.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to read output from git pull –stat with colors into variable”

    You have a typo in your config variable, it should be color.ui, singular, not colors.ui.
    On my system with git version 1.7.10 it then works as expected.

    Update: see screenshot:

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