How to put jobs in a category for the Throttle Concurrent Builds plugin for Jenkins

I have downloaded the TCB plugin for Jenkins. I have several builds that run tests. These builds must be run individually, as they access similar files that can cause tests to fail if more than one test build is running. I have been trying to find the place where I put the builds into a “category”, so I can throttle the whole test category down to 1/1. I thought that it might be the Jenkins Views, but that did not do the job. How do you add jobs to a category?

This tag discusses the solution I desire: Jenkins: group jobs and limit build processors for this group. The only problem is that it doesn’t say how to add them to categories.

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    You set up categories in the global Jenkins configuration (Manage Jenkins -> Configure System) and then assign jobs to categories. See the “Per Project-Category” section in the plugin documentation.

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