How to push a playbook into Ansible tower

I had created a group(web) of two servers in Centos 7.2 in the inventory section as my remote host and I am able to ping my remote host with the pong as my reply, and I am successfully able to install latest tower 3.1.4 by running ./ and I have a default database given by tower while it is been installed during the setup, and from my master where ansible is installed I am able to do push my code(hello world) to my group or remote host, now how can I push my successful playbook which is in my master ansible server via git so that the success can been seen in tower, I am not sure about ansible document as I am confused, I dont want any organisation or users I am using free version of 10 nodes, my intention is to push the hello world playbook into the tower to show the result of my playbook in the dashboard. I am not able infact I am confused about how to pass my successful playbook into tower dashboard via git, since its not able to connect as I can see in jobs as a failure.
Note-I can see my ansible server IP in GIThub url section once I click on credential section of different options GITHUB. I have even created accesstoken,Error is cannot connect via git to localhost

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