How to pull private git repo using chef from gitolite

I am new to using chef.
I am able to clone/pull a github repository using the following code on my recipe

git "/var/www/hello_app" do
  repository "git://"
  reference "master"
  action "sync"
  user "gituser"

I am trying to pull/clone my files from a private git repository managed my gitolite which means that authentication relies on sshd.
I already have my id_rsa private key installed through a data_bag on gituser’s .ssh/id_rsa file , the user who is pulling/cloning the private repo. Pulling/cloning the repository manually works.

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  • The command I execute is

    git clone

    How should I modify my recipe so I can pull my private repository ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to pull private git repo using chef from gitolite”

    The important part of the resource is the repository value. To use your gitolite repo, change the value to the one shown in your question:

    git "/var/www/hello_app" do
      repository ""
      reference "master"
      action "sync"
      user "gituser"

    More details about using the git resource can be found on the opscode site here :

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