how to publish sonar result in jenkins server, or do we have sonar-report jenkins plugin

There is a sonar plugin for jenkins, it triggers the sonar build inside CI (jenkins), it is useful.

While now I want to see the sonar result inside jenkins without jumping to sonar websites, it is useful if I just want to see some key data for this job.

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  • It could be sonar-report plugin in jenkins.

    Do you have similar needs ?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “how to publish sonar result in jenkins server, or do we have sonar-report jenkins plugin”

    One ugly solution I used so far is to use Sonar Web API.

    I add one curl command in the end of job (build steps) to fetch the needed metrics like

    curl,coverage,test_success_density&resource=54936 --output sonar-result.xml

    Then I archive the sonar-result.xml to make it visible inside the job.

    You can try using Mashup Portlets plugin for Jenkins to configure the results in Jenkins Dashboard.

    PFB URL for the plugin.


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