How to properly rebase in SourceTree?

SourceTree on Windows 7.

Let’s say the following is my starting point:

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  • enter image description here

     C <- master
    - A - B <- topic

    I want to rebase topic onto master.
    My goal is to have:

      C - A - B
      ^       ^
    master  topic

    but I end up with:

    enter image description here

    I can then do

    git push origin topic -f

    and I get the intended result, but what is the proper way to do this in SourceTree?

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    Update: SourceTree 1.9.1

    You can enable force push in Tools/Options/Git/Enable Force Push. After it is enabled you can check “Force Push” check box in the “Push” dialog.

    Original answer

    You have to do a force push, because topic branch is already published and you are rewriting history. Commits A and B from origin/topic are removed if you rebase.

    You should make a merge if you don’t want to do a force push, specially if you have a team members already working on topic.

    You can’t do a force push with SourceTree for Windows yet (see answers at atlassian forums).
    You can vote for this feature here:

    UPDATE: SourceTree Version 2.2.4 (57) (for Mac)

    Go to SourceTree/Preferences/General and click ‘Allow force push’ towards the bottom.
    Then you can click Force Push in the push dialog.

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